The GOP props up immoral scumbags to get tax cuts for the rich

Roy Moore, child molester, frontrunner in the AL senate race. Courtesy

Isn’t it a little strange that Fox News, which was pretty critical of Trump in 2015 before it was clear he had clinched the GOP nomination, now acts as Trump’s personal state propaganda? Isn’t it strange that Breitbart news – the most racist, misogynistic, xenophobic media outlet we might have ever seen in our lifetimes – was bankrolled by the billionaire Mercer family? Isn’t it weird that many on the right wing are still defending Roy Moore who, on top of already being a homophobe and racist, is now clearly a child molester?

It has been obvious for a long time that the Republican party as a whole would much rather rile up racists and xenophobes with culture wars than talk about their actual policy goals, because their actual policy goals – gutting social services to pay for tax breaks for the rich – are extremely unpopular. The Republican party has been a strange marriage between racists, Christian conservatives, and the business class for a generation at least. But this level of immorality is a new ballgame, and the marriage is unsustainable.

The Republican party has already crossed the line in accepting Trump, who has been accused of sexual assault by at least 16 women. Now they are willing to go about as far as you can go politically by defending a child molester. This is because they are on the verge of an enormous tax cut for the rich, to the tune of $1.5 trillion of reduced federal revenue. It’s so close! They can’t let distractions like literally supporting a child molester make them lose sight of their ultimate goal now!

The Republican donor class’ tax cut dream is so close to becoming a reality, and that’s what all of this is really about. All of this culture war garbage, all of the liberal boogeyman fear mongering, the incessant Trump worship on Fox News, the xenophobia, the misogyny, the homophobia, all of it. The donor class needs the voting base to support Trump, and support guys like Roy Moore against all of our better moral judgment, in order to get their tax cuts. And if they don’t get their tax cuts, the party will pretty much implode.

One half of the makeup of the GOP is culture war nonsense, and the other half is donor class interests. And the donor class is getting really fed up with their lawmakers’ inability to pass tax cuts (and de facto tax cuts like the gutting of social services). What’s left after the GOP stops supporting and funding what is generally referred to as the “responsible” wing of the party? Who’s left besides the Roy Moores and Donald Trumps of the party, heavily backed by white supremacists like Steve Bannon?

If the GOP doesn’t get tax cuts passed, it could very well mean the implosion of the Republican party as we know it. They have attached themselves and fully embraced characters like Roy Moore, and if we think Roy Moore – an open homophobe, open Islamophobe, and closet pedophile – is the end of the slippery slope… well, we’re just not thinking creatively enough.

I don’t know what that would look like, and I won’t speculate on the unknowable (I mean, it would be pretty unprecedented), but a party that has accepted and propped up idiots of the lowest moral character in total desperation to get stupid, extremely unpopular tax cuts passed just simply doesn’t have much further to stoop. Their policies, simply put, are not popular. For the time, racism and xenophobia was just popular enough to get them limping over the finish line with a plurality or electoral college majority, but the country is shifting. Demographics are changing, young people are making up a larger percentage of voters and are more progressive and more politically motivated than ever. Policies driven by a global financial system on the verge of collapse aren’t just unpopular, they simply aren’t working for enough people any more.

The donor class’ acceptance of white supremacy is an act of desperation to sustain their stranglehold on our government. It won’t work forever.